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I have been in Sales and Marketing for 40 + years. Love working with people and helping them learn new concepts and ideas that can improve their lives. I have always figured if one has to work it might just as well be doing, not only something of enjoyment but also something that is helpful or of service to others. Of course dental health is of the up most importance to a persons whole health picture and a lot of diseases can stem from our mouths. 

I have been with Susquehanna for 9 1/2 yrs. I do wear two hats on being marketing and the other New Patient Coordinator. As new patient coordinator I collect the new patients information, schedule them and then mail a new patient packet. When they arrive for their appointment I check them in and enter their insurance informationl. As far as marketing of course I network with others informing them about exactly what it is we do here at Susquehannna Dental Arts. I also do any external events that come up for the office to paricipate in like Expos. I have designed marketing tools as counter cards, brochures and promotions for the practice as well.

Dr. Allison maintains a progressive full-service family dental practice in the Columbia shopping center. He is among a growing number of dentists who reject the notion that mercury-silver fillings are appropriate for use in their patients. For the last 20 years he has been on the forefront of the zero-mercury movement in dentistry, which is slowly taking hold in this country. Many other developed nations worldwide have banned mercury from use in dental restorations. Many patients come from a distance for their dental care. Some want the mercury-rich amalgam fillings removed safely and replaced with safer bonded materials. A good source of information about this subject can be found at www.IAOMT.org. Another of Dr. Allison's special  interests is in the replacement of missing teeth (any number of them) with narrow body implants restored with crowns,bridges, or dentures. Contemporary dentistry; at it's heart, is concerned with improving people's health. Nutrition is the key to health and good nutrition is impossible without functional and comfortable teeth. Dental implants need not be excessively expensive of your time and money. Mini-implants have stood the test of timely service and are much easier on your mouth and your pocketbook. According to him, Dr.Allison's best days are when he can get a patient out of their toxic mercury fillings safely and easily and on to better health or when he can give a person their "teeth" back, which is how the patients describe the implant supported replacement teeth. Dr. Allison and his talented staff have many best days.

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