Steve Smith - Stumpy's Hatchet House

Who is Stumpy and What Goes on at His Hatchet House?

Stumpy’s Hatchet House is a place to throw some hatchets. We’re the first indoor hatchet throwing venue in the United States and this location was the first franchise location to open. We offer an exciting atmosphere and an alternative form of recreation. If you’re tired of escape rooms and bowling, why not try something old that’s new again? Axe throwing is a primitive and organic sport, and it’s a perfect release for those seeking adventure. Hatchet throwing is a great way to bond with friends, family members, or teammates. Get your frustrations out and participate in some healthy competition by scheduling your axe throwing party with us. Oh wait, we never told you who Stumpy is. You’ll just have to come down and find out!

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Stumpy's Hatchet House
17601-6809 LANCASTER , PA
Phone: (717) 435-9053
Pennsylvania US
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Membership Chair
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Stumpy's Hatchet House