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Why Own A Financial GPS?

Award Winning Program:  Endorsed by: Ernst & Young, Entrepreneur of the Year, Broker Banker, Mortgage Planner


Financial Foresight:  It shows the cause and effect of your financial decisions.  It gives you a step by step action plan.  You can do 'what if' scenarios.


Strategic Banking Strategies:  Maximize your cashflow.   Increase your net worth.   Pay off debt in 1/3 to 1/2 of the time.


Life Happens - Reroute:  Emergency fund, additional purchases, the system recalculates your action plan to help keep you on track financially.   Turns debt into wealth.


Education & coaching; Results are warantied; Ownership of the program and Customer service for life.

No Refinancing.  No Consolidation.   No Mortgage Modification.  Not a Debt Roll-Down. 



Mission Statement

     Shop Financial seeks to provide debt solutions, services and education, enabling consumers to eliminate debt in the fastest way possible in order for them to build the wealth needed to achieve time and financial freedom.


FREE Analysis

     Shows how quickly you can pay down your debt and the earning potential of these savings.

mploying proven banking strategies and complex algorithms.
The only interactive system on the market today.
The program has the unique ability to adjust in real time as situations may change in an inhe display of information is organized, easy to read and the format is very user friendly.
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