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The Real Paige Kitchen was born out of a lifelong love and passion for cooking, serving others, building community, and empowering women in business. 

As a virtual cooking and kitchen consultant, I delight in helping cooks of all ages and all levels gain kitchen confidence through the sharing of recipes, meal plans, tips and tricks, cooking demonstrations and innovative, high-quality kitchen products that can help make meal time preparation quick, easy, healthy and fun.  My work is done through individual consulting or virtual parties and themed workshops, ranging from 15-minute express meetings to 5-day online group parties, reaching 15-100 people at a time.  I am always looking for virtual party hosts who are rewarded generously with free and discounted products for allowing me the chance to share my toolbox of ideas and products with their friends through social media (mainly Facebook).  As an Independent Consultant and Sales Director with Pampered Chef, I am happy to be part of a company that has been Enriching Lives One Meal and One Memory at a Time for 40 years, and one that has not only become a household name for long lasting, high-quality, smart cooking and baking kitchen essentials, but is also providing a rewarding and profitable entreprenuial business opportunity. 

Everybody needs to eat.  I'm sure you've noticed the trend of more and more people cooking and baking at home these days.  And I hear more people say they are constantly asking themselves "What to make for dinner"?  More people are looking for ways to create healthier, homemade meals for themselves and their families, eliminating expensive processed foods that have an excess of high fructose corn syrup, unhealthy fats, preservatives and chemicals.  And more families are looking to get back to the basics of purposefully creating time spent together making memories around a daily breakfast or dinner table routine, something we have lost somewhat in our culture of busy lives, multitasking, and overscheduling. 

Whatever your goals are for your kitchen, whether you are an experienced cook or just starting to building your culinary confidence and your set of tools, I can help.  Let's talk.


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